A little about Ann Harth, developmental editor

 Ann Harth is a developmental editor, writer, mentor and manuscript assessor. 

She is skilled, flexible and supportive when working with authors and is careful to maintain the writer's original voice and intent for the work. 

You can be confident Ann knows the ups and downs of the author's journey as she has written and published fiction and non-fiction for all ages. 

But don't just take our word for it...


"Hiring Ann has been the best investment I’ve made for my writing career."   

Lana Pecherczyk


Structural Editing Services for Writers and Authors

Developmental editing

Stories make up the fabric of our lives, our histories and our cultures. They connect us to one another and increase our understanding of ourselves. We each have ideas that will enrich, colour and strengthen the tapestry of our world. 

You may write fiction or non-fiction for adults or children. 

I provide structural editing for:

  • novels
  • memoirs
  • personal essays
  • articles
  • short stories
  • I work with novice and aspiring writers 
  • as well as established and published authors


I’d tried a few structural editors before a friend recommended Ann Harth to me. I’m so glad she did. 

Ann has edited my last five manuscripts and is by far the best editor I’ve had. 

Her structural reports are thorough, covering not only in depth character analysis, but also examining the plot and making suggestions to strengthen the story. In addition she marks up the manuscript, providing thought-provoking comments and tips. 

Ann’s work is comprehensive and fast. I highly recommend Ann to anyone looking for a decent editor. 



Manuscript assessment

As a manuscript assessor, I am supportive and flexible when working with you. As a writer myself, I understand the importance of maintaining your original voice and intent. 

Before I get started we'll take time to define your wishes and needs. 

Fiction Authors: 

The strengths I bring to your work include character development, dialogue, plot and continuity. 

Non-Fiction Authors: 

Your work will benefit from my assessment of structure, logic, consistency and accessibility for your target audience. 


I was nervous sending my first manuscript, The August Soldiers, to someone for an assessment, but Ann made the process a positive and inspiring experience. 

Her feedback and guidance was perfectly aligned to the direction the story needed to take and improved my manuscript immeasurably. Years later, I enlisted her help for another project and I was once again thrilled with the result.

I can’t recommend her enough for anyone looking to gain a second perspective on their work.

Katie Horneman


Mentoring and workshops

Mentoring is a partnership between you and me. Over 20 years writing and mentoring experience has shown me that mentoring is most valuable when you...

  • have great ideas but don't know where to start
  • have hit the wall - yep writer's block is real
  • you know what you want to say but need help finding the right way to say it
  • your friends and family love your writing, but you want professional, objective feedback
  • you have lots of questions, and don't know where to turn. 


'Ann is an amazing mentor who is generous with her time and advice. As well as being positive and enthusiastic, Ann always provides constructive and detailed feedback on how I can improve. I found her advice on plotting and characterisation to be particularly helpful. 

She has bolstered my confidence as well as my writing skills and 

I feel lucky to have found her.'  


Danika Hall   

Charlotte Waring Barton Award 2016 and 

CBCA HarperCollins Aspiring Writers Mentorship Program recipient.