Bernice Takes A Plunge, By Ann Harth

Bernice's mind whirls with stories; truth is negotiable. When a local actress is robbed, Bernice uncovers vital clues, but no one believes her except Ike, a one-legged fisherman.  


Award Winning Author, Ann Harth

Multi award winning author

 Writing Awards

2010 Allen & Unwin and Queensland Writer's Center Manuscript Development Program for middle-grade novel,  The Art of Magic

2009 CYA Children and Young Adult Writing Competition: First Place in middle-grade novel category for, Making it Count

2006 Smartwriters WIN Competition: First Place in Chapter Book Category for From the
Diary of Jarrod Crisp

2005 Smartwriters WIN Competition: Honourable Mention in YA category for Nioka

Publishing Credits

Maggie Eats Only ‘O's - short story, Highlights for Children, June 2014

The Way the Mop Flops - short story, Highlights for Children, November 2013

The Art of Magic – middle grade novel, Solstice Publishing, July 2012

Cock-a-doodle – Short story, Highlights for Children, March 2012

Don't, Picture book, Soto Publishing (USA), March 2011

120 short stories (second grade) for Innovations for Learning, Chicago-based educational program. / 2009-2011

Human-made Disasters, Educational non-fiction Acer Press, 2008

Who Am I, Educational non-fiction, Blake Education, 2008

Relationships, Educational non-fiction, Blake Education, 2008

Body image,  Educational non-fiction, Blake Education, 2008

The Kidnapping, Chapter Book, Insight Publications, October 2006

The Cyclops, Short story, Highlights for Children, July 2006

Crash, Chapter Book, Blake Education, 2005

Staying Alive, Chapter Book, Blake Education, 2005

Goodbye, Chapter Book, Blake Education, 2005

The Contract, chapter book, Trekkers Series – Macmillan, Underwood Consulting and Publishing, 2005

Pea Mountain, humorous short story, Kid Time Magazine, June 2005

The Wake Up Call, adult non-fiction, Reader’s Digest, October 2004

Long Leg Gloption, chapter book, Loranda Publishing, August 2004

My Mom Hates to Cook, humorous short story, Highlights for Children (USA), October 2003

The Hiccups, short story, Wizard Books, Ziptales, June 2003

Please Listen, picture book / early reader, Cambridge University Press

Why Ann Harth writes for children

I want to make children laugh. 

I want to encourage tiny twists in their minds that allow them to see that skies aren't always blue and warts can be beautiful. I want them to understand that an entire village may, and probably does, exist in their sock drawers and that baggy knees are often a sign of wisdom.

I want them to read my books and enter a world where anything is possible and the only limits are their own.

I want to make a difference.

As writers, we are compelled to write.

We capture ideas and convert them into words. We read and reread,
rearrange and delete. We reverse, add, combine and revise.  Some of our words bounce and skittle from the page and some are embedded --

Our words have the power to heal or destroy. They can weave through thoughts and scatter the senses or grab a dream and pin it down. They can elicit a giggle and stifle a sob or trigger a torrent of tears.

As writers we can contribute to the lives of our children and allow them to shape the world.