Released March 5th!

Bernice Takes a Plunge by Ann Harth

Bernice Takes a Plunge by Ann Harth

Bernice Takes a Plunge by Ann Harth Bernice Takes a Plunge by Ann Harth Bernice Takes a Plunge by Ann Harth

About Ann Harth, Author

A note from Ann about writing for children

 There is a major fallacy associated with writing for kids:
Writing for children is easier than writing for adults.

It's not. Trust me.

There are two main reasons that this is untrue:

1. When writing for children, you must learn to convey the same emotion,
setting and action as you would when writing for an adult. The difference
is that your vocabulary is limited as well as your word count. You must
find exactly the right words to express your meaning.

2. The second reason makes writing for kids even tougher. Before you can
reach the children, you have to get through the adults. They're the people
who will buy your books and encourage their children/students to read
them. You are basically writing with two audiences in mind. This means
that you need to write on two levels.

Not easy.

The desire to write for children poses a rewarding challenge. Once you
decide to accept it, you will have taken the first step in a journey of
learning, imagination and fulfilment. 

Multi-award-winning author

Ann Harth is a prolific writer. Check out a few of her recent published titles. 


Keep an eye out for her latest children's book - Bernice Takes A Plunge

Award Winning Author


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Ann Harth in the News

Released March 5th

Book Launch for Ann Harth's new release, Bernice Takes A Plunge. Children's story

Released March 5th

Ann Harth in the News

Released March 5th

Bernice Takes A Plunge

by Ann Harth

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Ann Harth in the News

Ann Harth in the News

Ann Harth in the News

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Writers tell us why Ann is their favourite structural editor


Hiring Ann has been the best investment I’ve made for my writing career. With her strategic edits and guidance, I’ve improved my writing technique, and the book reviews show it. The sales show it. Every time I finish a novel and think, surely this is the best one yet – I won’t need an edit – my notes come back with so many gold nuggets for improvement, and often, it’s these suggestions that make it into the reviews. She’s got a knack for character development that pays off. She’s on time, professional, and thoughtful. Ann has become part of my regular publishing schedule, and I can’t live without her. 

Lana Pecherczyk (2019)


I’d tried a few structural editors before a friend recommended Ann Harth to me. I’m so glad she did. 

Ann has edited my last five manuscripts and is by far the best editor I’ve had. 

Her structural reports are thorough, covering not only in depth character analysis, but also examining the plot and making suggestions to strengthen the story. In addition she marks up the manuscript, providing thought-provoking comments and tips. Ann’s work is comprehensive and fast. I highly recommend Ann to anyone looking for a decent editor.


I was nervous sending my first manuscript, The August Soldiers, to someone for an assessment, but Ann made the process a positive and inspiring experience. 

Her feedback and guidance was perfectly aligned to the direction the story needed to take and improved my manuscript immeasurably. Years later, I enlisted her help for another project and I was once again thrilled with the result.

I can’t recommend her enough for anyone looking to gain a second perspective on their work.

Katie Horneman


I can barely describe in words how incredible working with Ann has been. 

Not only is her Full Assessment affordable - which was perfect for my tight budget - but she also returned it very quickly! I have had a few professionals gaze over my work, but Ann has proved to be the best suit for me. 

Her comments were easy to understand, and she described her reasons for the constructive criticism that my work desperately needed clearly and with precision.

She helped me to realise that the flaws in my story weren’t the end of the world. I honestly can’t recommend her enough and look forward to working with her in the future. :)”

Keira Wattus 


Ann Harth completed a structural edit on my novel. I devoured her feedback!

Her comments were thoughtful and insightful and she really gave me a way to move ahead now and improve my story. It has been an invaluable experience. 

She will definitely be hearing from me again in the future!

Lucy Watts


Ann took my first novel, The Magpie's Nest, to the next level, something that I could not have managed on my own. 

So, when the praise flooded in about how well written it was, and the book reviewer from The West Australian newspaper commented on my "snappy, sassy prose", I had to tip my hat to Ann's keen editing eye. I also sent Ann the manuscript to the sequel, The Cat's Miaow (to be released in late 2017) and again she has given my work the polish and shine it needed.’ 

Jacqueline Perry 

'Ann is an amazing mentor who is generous with her time and advice. As well as being positive and enthusiastic, Ann always provides constructive and detailed feedback on how I can improve. I found her advice on plotting and characterisation to be particularly helpful. 

She has bolstered my confidence as well as my writing skills and I feel lucky to have found her.' 

Danika Hall Charlotte Waring Barton Award 2016 and 

CBCA HarperCollins Aspiring Writers Mentorship Program recipient. 

‘Ann Harth has been an invaluable help to me in my writing journey. From when she and I first met at the inaugural Allen and Unwin Children’s Manuscript development program in 2009, I knew she was someone who would make an excellent editor and manuscript assessor. She understood my story immediately and was able to offer insightful and constructive advice as to how to improve it. 

I would class myself as very much a beginner writer in those days, and Ann’s approach to critiquing was sensitive and encouraging. 

She has since critiqued three more of my stories, and her constructive comments about my work’s qualities and weaknesses are always offered in an enthusiastic and positive way. 

Ann offers insightful suggestions on structure, plot and character development and is a master at picking up when you begin to ‘tell’, instead of ‘showing’. 

I would highly recommend Ann to anyone who is considering having their manuscript assessed. She will definitely help you improve your writing, and will hopefully develop your manuscript towards successful publication, as she did mine.’ 

Samantha Wheeler 

Mr Cassowary (University of Queensland Press 2015) Spud & Charli (University of Queensland Press 2014) Smooch & Rose (University of Queensland Press 2013) 

‘Ann has helped uncover the best possible book from my raw manuscript. 

She's done this by not only using her expert knowledge on structure, grammar and style, but also provided me with helpful advice throughout. 

She ensured that at the end I had the tools to help myself in the future and understood completely why she made the changes she did. 

My novel originally blew out by over twenty five thousand words, but she helped me tighten the prose to reveal a book that flows well from start to finish. I found her to be extremely helpful, timely, generous in her knowledge and would you believe it – a kind and friendly editor. I don't think I can now publish a novel without having Ann take a look. I recommend her services to all my friends and will definitely be using her in the future.’ 

Lana Pecherczyk 

Hunting for Witches(2015) 

‘I have worked on my writing with Ann Harth as a mentor for several years, across a number genres ranging from non-fiction, writing for children and adolescents, and most currently, historical fiction. 

Ann has guided me throughout my writing journey, from a completely nervous novice, to a writer who is soon to seek publication for her first novel. 

I definitely could not have achieved this without the mentoring I have received from Ann. She is very professional, extremely efficient, and also very funny! Ann provides a great depth of knowledge and experience in writing, is always highly constructive and honest in her advice, however never hesitates to point out the positives in your writing and is a great cheer squad. I would not hesitate to recommend Ann Harth to anyone seeking mentoring, whatever stage of your writing journey you are at. 

I call her my Literary Legend!’ 

Rachael K 

‘Ann is awesome. Her comments on my writing have been a crucial part of my learning. She never criticised, she gently held my hand and sprinkled me with a shower of her knowledge. I will take her wisdom with me and, throughout my writing career, it will be her that I thank.’ 

Francine H 

‘As a consultant I spend most of my life rewriting my work and it is very clear that I have a lot of room for improvement. 

One of the best things about working with Ann is that I get to see my work through the eyes of a professional who understands writing and isn't simply changing words to make her mark on the work.’ 

Claire Savage 

Managing Director 

‘The changes Ann made definitely tightened up the writing and I can clearly see how it improves the flow. Her feedback is invaluable and it’s truly amazing how much I have learned.’ 

Heather M 

‘Ann gave me the confidence I needed to actually put what I wanted down on paper. 

Her support and constant stream of advice has helped build my confidence and really become excited about finishing this story.

She helped everything come to life and I will be eternally grateful for that.’ 

Esther D 

‘… I cannot believe how much I have learnt and how much of an improvement I see within my own work. 

All of Ann’s feedback was fantastic and gratefully received.’ 

Katherine H 

‘I don't think I could have brought myself to this point of creativity without Ann. 


She has been such a strong influence for me. She has inspired me and shown me how this process of writing brings insight and a real sense of achievement.’ 

Susanna W 

‘Talk about striking gold! Her insights, comments and suggestions were embarrassingly close to what I had always meant to write, but never quite did. In addition to the formal aspect of my studies, there were a number emails that were the electronic equivalent of tutor - student “chats”. Ann encouraged this conversation and was always understanding and supportive of what I wanted to do and how I was going to get there. Thanks Ann. It was a great two years.’ 

Tony H

Ann Harth, structural editor

The words of Ann's many happy clients speak for themselves. 

If you are looking for a structural editor or manuscript assessor, click below to email and discuss your project directly with Ann. 

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