A Few of My Books
You are special - one of a kind. There is no one in the world just
like you. You have physical and emotional strengths and
weaknesses  and have grown up in an environment that is all
your own. Don't let the media or other people tell you who
should be or how you should look. Be yourself. You are unique.  
This book emphasizes the importance of being an individual.

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Who says you must be thin to be beautiful? Who says men must
be all muscles? You are who you are. Thinking less about your
looks and becoming more involved with friends, sport and
activities  will keep you fit and stimulate your mind. This book
encourages you to appreciate your own body.  
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What is a good relationship?  In  a good relationship you feel
safe and supported,  you enjoy the things you have in common
and respect your differences.  But not all relationships are
positive. Sometimes other people try to influence you to act in
ways that make you uncomfortable. This book explores some
common relationships and how to make them stronger.
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Who Am I?
Body Image
It's the holidays. Nalini and Zed fly to visit relatives but their
plane flies into a storm and crashes near an island. The pilot is
dead and they have no food and water. There is no one to help...
or is there?
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Nalini and Zed are stranded on an island.  They search for
food and water as they wait for a plane to rescue them.
Mysterious signs show that someone else is on the island. Will
the stranger help them?   
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Staying Alive
Nalini and Zed were in a plane crash. Now they must live on
the island until they are rescued. Nu, an old man who lives
there, helps them find food and water but he doesn't want
them to leave. It's almost time for the wet season. Will they be
able to build a fire so they can be rescued before the storms?  
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Endorsed by Murdoch Children's Research Institute and Royal
Children's Hospital
Endorsed by Murdoch Children's Research Institute and Royal
Children's Hospital
Endorsed by Murdoch Children's Research Institute and Royal
Latest release! The Art of Magic - Solstice Publishing
available from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
Devastated and confused by his father’s death, Andrew abandons
his painting and turns his back on those who care. A gift from
his dying father sits abandoned in the corner of the kitchen until
he meets Max, an aging and eccentric artist who paints only one
thing – a specific 19th century cottage.  Through his friendship
with Max, Andrew embarks on a quest to discover the
importance of his father’s gift and whether Max’s obsession with
the cottage is touched with magic – or madness.
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