Ann Harth
Children's Author
Editing and
Manuscript Assessment
I want to make a child laugh.

I want to encourage a tiny twist in his mind that allows him to see that
skies aren't always blue and warts can be beautiful. I want him to
understand that an entire village may, and probably does, exist in his sock
drawer and that baggy knees are often a sign of wisdom.

I want him to read my books and enter a world where anything is possible
and the only limits are his own.

I want to make a difference.

As writers, we are compelled to write.

We capture ideas and convert them into words. We read and reread,
rearrange and delete. We reverse, add, combine and revise.  Some of our
words bounce and skittle from the page and some are embedded --

Our words have the power to heal or destroy.
They can weave through thoughts and scatter the senses or grab a dream
and pin it down. They can elicit a giggle and stifle a sob or trigger a
torrent of tears.

As writers we can contribute to the lives of our children and allow them to
shape the world.
"But Charlotte," said Wilbur, "I'm
not terrific."

"That doesn't make a particle of
difference," replied Charlotte.
"...People believe almost anything
they see in print." -- E.B. White,
Charlotte's Web
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